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TNLC operates a cooled warehouse in Maasdijk, where we are able to store conditioned goods and other kind of goods. We have a (VAT ENTREPOT) bonded warehouse customs licence for this warehouse, which enables us to also store your goods in transit there.

TNLC has the facility to recondition or repack consignments.

All goods which are stored by TNLC are checked for damage and quality by qualified individuals. For storage and distribution of your goods, we offer a self-owned warehouse of 2500 m2. Our warehouse is fully equipped with sprinklers and high-standard security system.

For storage and distribution of your goods to any given destination we are having a fully integrated WMS

(warehouse management system).

Goods subject to quality standards and/or phytosanitary checks will be registered by TNLC in the “Client” system of the phytosanitary department. In consultation with the importer, we will agree a time and place where the inspection is to take place.

We can also supply Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) declarations for goods which need to be NVWA inspected and make an appointment with an authorised NVWA inspection point.

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